02 May 2016

National Workshop on Women’s Employment and Economic Growth: Post 2015 Development Agenda in India Abstracts are invited on the following subthemes: 1. Macro relationship between Female Employment and Economic Growth 2. General trends of Female Employment 3. Unpaid female labour 4. Rural Non-Farm Sector and women 5. Trafficking and Prostitution 6. Domestic Workers 7. Health hazards of women in semi-skilled and unskilled work. 8. Sexual Harrassment in WorkPlaces 9. Migrant female workers 10. National Scheme based women’s work 11. Wage discrepancy between male and female workers 12. Female workers in Informal Sector 13. Social groups and female employment The abstracts will be 1000 words and based on contemporary research. Primary field based research including both qualitative and quantitative analysis is welcome. Please send the abstracts in Word or pdf format in file name starting with WEEG –CU-FES to the Workshop Coordinators: 1. Ishita Mukhopadhyay, CU with email ID mukhopadhyayishita@gmail.com 2. Damyanty Sridharan, FES with email ID damyanty@fesindia.org Last Date of Abstract Submission : March 10, 2016 Communication of Acceptance of Abstract: March 30,2016 Submission of Full Paper: April 20,2016

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